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Daniel - Poker Journal

$500,000 Challenge Match vs. Mimi Tran

17 May 2005

My flight from Ohio got in early on the 16th, but I really hadn't gotten much sleep. So since I was playing Mimi for $500,000 at 7:00pm I thought it would be a good idea to be well rested.

I woke up at 5:45pm, jumped in the shower and was there in time. Mimi and I agreed to play $4000-$8000 and her game of choice was her specialty: limit hold'em.

I put a beat on her right off the bat and from that point never relinquished the lead. In fact, for 8.5 hours I was ahead without ever trailing by even a chip.

At one point I was up as much as $350,000, but after 8.5 hours of play Mimi finally caught up and actually grabbed the lead for the first time. She had me down about $90,000 at most, but then at 4:00am I went on a monster rush for 30 minutes. I won $350,000 during that time and was back in the driver seat.

By 5:30am, 10.5 hours after we'd started, I sucked out for the very last time and won my first challenge match. Overall I was happy with my play, but limit hold'em is a card catching contest and it was clear that I caught the most cards.

Mimi is an excellent limit hold'em player. Me beating her doesn't really say very much. These challenge matches that I'm playing don't equate to, "Whoever wins must be the better player." It's a relatively short time span we’re dealing with . Against David we had 50 bets, and against Mimi it was a total of 62.5 bets.

So while I thoroughly enjoy these matches, win or lose it doesn't say much about "who's better" if that's what you are looking for. That's not at all what I'm looking for though, I'm just lookin' to gamble!

So far so good. After two matches my record is 1-1 but I'm showing a profit of $300,000.

There will be no rest for me though. I have an 11:00am flight to Los Angeles to attend the E3 party and then at night I have an important dinner. On the 18th I'll be spending more time at the E3 party and then on the 19th I was asked to play a small role in the new poker film "Lucky You" with Robert Duvall, Eric Bana, and Drew Barrymore. That should be fun.

Then on the 20th I may try to get another challenge match in if there is time. Of course on the 21st there is a cocktail party for poker players at the Wynn introducing the poker room (for more information on the party call 702-770-7788).

Then on the 22nd, while I'd really like to just sleep, it looks like I'll have to do some writing as I need to be on a strict deadline with my new syndicated newspaper column that's been picked up in several markets (for more on that check out www.cardsharkmedia.com).

Ok, 6:45am right now and I'm beat. I'm going to try to get in an hour of sleep before I have to get up and pack a bag... good night all.