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Daniel - Poker Journal

A High Stress Week and Lori

01 May 2005

I've always been a free spirit, doing whatever I want , whenever I want. That hasn't changed at all, but these days I feel like I have more responsibility on my shoulders that while I thoroughly enjoy, also adds to my level of stress.

More people are counting on me now to be at my best at all times. Everything I say, or everything I do (or don't do) has an effect on others. There is some pressure there, but if you have learned anything about me through reading my blog you'd know that I thrive under pressure. I'm at my best when it matters most.

So far I've been very pleased with what I've seen from the Wynn poker room. I appreciate all of the feedback that the players give me because it gives me a chance to relay those thoughts to the staff. The whole staff genuinely has one goal in mind: give the players what they want.

So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The room is thriving and I expect to see it grow even more in the coming weeks.

Throughout the weekend I've actually been staying at the Wynn. It was in my room that I noticed yet another cool feature that the poker room offers. Flip to channel 29 and you can see the waiting list down in the poker room. You can see interest lists, waiting lists, and also games that have seats open all from your room. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

As for me playing, I've spent most of my time playing $80-$160 Omaha H/L and Stud H/L to accommodate The Prince of Docness and Mark Gregorich. Two extremely successful split game players with vastly different strategies.

The Prince plays lots of hands, some very goofy! Mark on the other hand plays it a little closer to the vest. I hadn't played with either player in quite some time so I was anxious to see how well I stacked up against them.

Joining us was another "Prince", 1998 World Champion Scotty Nguyen. He stopped by and raised blind for a few hands, clearly having way too much fun!

I played a couple sessions and won both. The first session I won $1200 in about an hour and the second time I won $4000 in 4 hours. I've been in an out of the room all weekend, but I was also trying to entertain Lori and her mother so I didn't get a chance to play as much as I would have liked.

I also played some $4-$8, $2-$5 no limit hold'em and other smaller games, but I honestly have no clue how I did! I'm pretty sure that I won, but I don't keep records in games smaller than $80-$160 so I can't say for sure.

Adding to my stress level this week were some personal issues (no not rehab! LOL) that I'm struggling with. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that I'm referring to Lori, my ex-fiancť.

We broke up on good terms back in February but recently have been talking about getting back together. Emotionally it was a roller coaster week for me as at times it felt right, while at others it felt impossible.

During the tougher times I just put my trust in God and felt that if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. If not, that's ok too.

I know exactly what I want. When I'm with Lori she makes me feel like a more responsible person. She makes me accountable for my behavior. Having her in my life also helps me in my walk with God.

When Lori and I broke up I saw myself falling into some old bad habits. Gossip, boastfulness, and a host of other sinful characteristics that don't do me any good.

By week's end everything was as clear as day to me. I want to marry Lori. I have to marry Lori. We grew apart because we weren't communicating well enough. We talked all the time, but I don't know that either of us were truly honest, or even listened to each other.

Sure we still have those issues. The "big three" Religion, Politics, and raising our children. Big deal- I think we can work all of that out. If we fight about it, we fight about it. You can't agree on everything, but you can compromise.

No I won't start eating any cheeseburgers anytime soon, but I can learn to compromise some of my family values. I can learn to stop trashing her political views. I can learn to respect her more conservative upbringing. I can make more time for her.

After having so much time to think about our differences they seem so insignificant in the bigger picture. In fact, our differences can keep the relationship fresh and lively, since we are both passionate about our beliefs.

Iím spilling my guts here and I donít care. I know what I want and am not afraid to be public with it. I love Lori and feel in my heart that as different as we sometimes are, we are in fact perfect for each other.

Iím not exactly sure where we stand right now. We arenít even ďofficiallyĒ together right now, but I am totally committed to her. Iíd hop on the next plane to Grand Rapids, MI. and marry her tomorrow.