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Filling in Some Blanks

27 Apr 2005

I'm still in shock after reading through this monster thread in the forum. From reading the "Blank Blog" you guys had me in rehab? That's some pretty shabby detective work if you ask me! For one I've never taken an illegal drug in my life. Ever.

The Wynn is opening up soon and it's a very exciting time for me. I can't wait till the doors open up. Actually at 5:30pm today I'm attending the black tie event where we'll get to see the show and then be there when the doors open to the public.

Other than that, it's just relationship stuff that I'm not about to share with everybody. Work and women, and you people are wishing me well at a rehab clinic? LOL. Classic.

I'm taking my ex-fiancé Lori to the black tie event tonight. She is in town with her mother Sandi for the week and we've had a chance to hang out a little bit this week. That's all ya'll need to know on that front!

Other than that, yesterday was a full day of shooting for me with my old friend Angie who's co-producing a special on poker for CityTV. They are doing a one hour special on poker, and yesterday I made myself available for a full day of shooting with her and the crew.

We started with an interview at my place, then another one with my mother and me. From there we shot some "B-Roll" of me in the car on the way to the Wynn. There they interviewed Deb Giardina and got some shots of the new poker room.

Then it was off to E-DOG's house so that they could get some more interviews with some key players: Jennifer Harman, Doyle and Todd Brunson, Jeff Shulman, Evelyn Ng, E-DOG, and of course Carlos Mortenson.

Once interviews were over we played a quick freeze out which my buddy Tyson won. All he won is beer money. $700 for normal people would be considered rent money, but for Tyson that barely covers beer money!

Then we head back to my place for some finishing touches. A few shots with some of my trophies and bracelets, a little discussion about the site here and a few other projects as well.

It's funny, while we had the site up (www.fullcontactpoker.com) Angie noticed the thread, "Daniel checks himself into rehab" and asked me to click on it. We all got a good laugh out of that one.

When the crew left I spent some time on the phone and then caught the season finale of Surreal Life and a little Real World/Road Rules Challenge where Veronica took out Jodi. Arrrgh, I can't stand Veronica, she is so annoying.

Uh oh, gotta go guys. Our first meeting over here at the "clinic" is about to start. “Hello, My name is Daniel Negreanu and I’m“…. LOL. My goodness, how bizarre.