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OK, I'm ready to play some Poker

15 Apr 2005

It's been a while since I've played any meaningful poker. Outside of a 1.5 hour session playing no limit hold'em I haven't seen the tables in quite some time. The last tournament I played was last month and that only lasted about two hours.

So all told, in April I've put in a grand total of 1.5 hours at the table. It was time well spent thought I can promise you that. I had three unlucky/poorly played tournaments in a row and I was starting to feel like I cared less about the events.

After recharging my batteries with this break though I'm ready to just punish people. To look into their soul, grab their heart out of their chest, take a great big bite out of it, and then spit it back in their face!

Ok so maybe that's a little much, but you get the idea, I'm pretty pumped up. Thanks to Travis, my personal assistant, I'll have no distractions either while I'm playing as he'll be answering my calls and taking care of things for me in general.

Of course I have a few projects that'll have to go on hold but I'm stoked about getting this one key project done because it's been a burden on my mind lately.

I needed to write 10 columns for a syndicated column that'll be featured in newspapers around the world and I missed my deadline a couple of days ago (big surprise). I really think this is going to be a successful column since poker is so red hot right now. (For more information on the column check out www.cardsharkmedia.com)

So today I got a ton of stuff done, except I goofed on my schedule and missed a dinner meeting at 8:30pm... oops! Sorry guys. I actually thought it was supposed to be tomorrow. That's not like me to do that and I feel pretty bad since I'm sure they waited for me. Again, sorry guys.

I spent some of the day watching Tuan Le destroy the WPT Final Table in Foxwoods and trying to get some exercise as well. It's amazing how great I feel when I spend extended periods of time at home. I'm most happy when I'm at home with a daily routine.

The only part of my routine right now that I'd like to change is that I'm waking up at 3:00pm everyday. That's not good since the tournaments start at noon! I'll get it right though.

I've also started a new book that I planned on reading over a year ago (I'm so far behind on my reading) called the Vegetarian Handbook. Some really interesting facts in there about the beef industry and how horrible the chemicals and hormones they inject the cows with are for you. Lots of evidence to connect eating livestock and chicken to colon and prostate cancer. Of course, they donít want you to know that.

It's not that the meat itself it all that bad for you, it's the chemicals. Do yourself a favor- if you have to eat chicken or eggs go with free range chicken and/or eggs. You just weren't meant to ingest the kind of drugs they put into their animals for the sake of profit. I mean really, do you really want to eat a chicken with eight legs? Dude, that can't be good for you!

So on that note I'm back to juicing again and "trying" to work out. I feel so energetic when I juice, and I know by the time the WSOP runs around I'm going to be in great physical and mental shape for the rigorous hours.

Well on that note everyone, it's almost 2:30am and one thing I can't do without is a good night's sleep if I plan on winning... which I do.