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24 Mar 2005

Man I have wanted to write about the last couple days so badly but by the time I get to the computer I can hardly keep my eyes open.

A brief summary of things I wanted to share:

-Mar 21st, all about my Father, the coolest man I've ever met

-Mar 22nd, laid back most of the day and a couple of voice overs

March 23rd, an 8:00am flight to LA and some work on STACKED. Also, a sneak peak at "Beyond the Felt" formerly known as "Rovin Gamblers."

Like I said I have a ton to share, but it's almost 1:00am and I have to hit the sack. At 9:00am tomorrow I have a full day of work scheduled on my new video game STACKED which is due out in mid-july. Dude, that game is so cool it totally blows my mind!

To those who have been calling me over the past few days... I'll be back in Vegas on the 26th. Oh, one more thing, congrats to Jennifer Harman on her second place finish in the WSOP Circuit event at the Rio! Jenn has been on fire lately getting deep in almost every tournament she's played in. Makes me feel good about my prediction that once she had her kidney transplant and was healthy again, she'd be an absolute monster on the tournament scene. Ahh... it feels good to be right!