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So Much to Say, So Little Time

20 Mar 2005

March 17th was to be my last full day of a mini media tour in Toronto. I did an interview with Toronto One at 1:00pm, then head over to Studio Billiards later to finish up the piece that W-5 is doing on me.

From there my limo driver Gord had a few errands to run in Mississauga so I took a power nap in the limo. On the way back I got a call from an old friend I'd promised to meet for drinks downtown.

It's strange seeing my old high school friends, but totally awesome to hear how successful they've become. My friend John of course got a PHD in political science, while my other friend, she's become a top notch criminal lawyer. She still sucks at backgammon pretty badly, but that's another story.

After we had a few drinks it was time for me to head over to another radio station, this time it was a news station, CFRB 1010. I was out of there by 10:00pm and John and I headed over to Ms. Criminal Lawyer's house.

My brother joined us there as well as a blast from the past. An old friend of my brother's that we hadn't spoken to in probably 10 years. In fact, the last time I'd seen him my father had a knife to him telling him to get out of our house.

This was a huge man we're talking about, 6'4 and 450+ lbs. but my father wasn't one to be afraid of anything. My dad also wasn't the type of guy to pull out a knife on you for no particular reason.

You see this old friend had spent time in jail for drugs. He was "allegedly" selling drugs, but was also definitely doing them. While in jail my parents offered to help him out by offering to let him stay with us when he got out of jail in order to get clean and sober.

The first couple days things were fine. It wasn't till about a week into his stay with us that my father noticed that his gold bracelet and watch were missing. We'd then heard rumors that our friend was back on drugs and sold my father's jewelry for crack cocaine.

It was a devastating blow to both my mother and father. They treated him like a son and it broke their heart to know that he would do this to them. My father ended up getting his jewelry back, but never saw our friend again.

This was many years ago though and I think the family has since forgiven him. In other great news, he also seems to be clean, sober, happy, and remorseful. It was good to see.


On March 18th it was time for my mother, Mushu, and I to head to the airport. Gord Andretti picked us up bright and early at 8:15am. Now I was given strict orders not to tip Gord anything for his services. I was told that he wouldn't accept a tip even if I tried.

Of course considering all he'd done for me over the last few days that was a rule I simply had to break. As Gord went to open the door for my mother I left an envelope for him in the front seat. It felt like the right thing to do to say the least. Without Gord this week I donít know what I would have done.

Once I got back I relaxed for a while and then head to the Bellagio for a dinner meeting with an actor who is starring in a new poker movie set to start shooting next month. I was really impressed with him and his lovely wife.

We got a table at Fixx and talked poker, or more specifically poker life. He seemed really intrigued by the poker lifestyle and asked excellent questions about poker, and how poker players think.

He is a fantastic actor that I'm sure you've all heard of, but will remain nameless out of a respect for his privacy. From what I was told about this movie, it will prove that a drama about the poker world can be realistic and doesn't have to be full of dishonorable and dislikeable characters.

After dinner I decided to play a little poker. They were playing 2000-4000 and started off with a strange mix to accommodate a recreational player. It was Stud, Razz, and Hold'em only.

I started off pretty hot, but was so tired I played poorly near the end of a 2.5 hour session and gave back most of my win. I ended the night ahead $16,500.

Today I relaxed for the most part and studied some video tape since I'm playing in a WSOP circuit event tomorrow. I picked up some things on Kathy Liebert, Layne Flack, Bary Greenstein and a few others.

On that note, I really enjoyed watching the Battle of the Sexes on GSN. I think the format was really exciting and hope to play in similar events in the future.

The Super Stars Invitational II also has an exciting format that I would have loved to participate in. Unfortunately I agreed to a vote along with 17 other players on whether or not we would play in the event based on the amount of money that would be added to the event.

I voted that we should play thinking that no group of 24 players was ďabove the gameď, but when the majority of the others realized that it was silly not to play it was too late. We were replaced by other players as I would have expected. The vote initially looked something like 13 against playing and 4 pro playing, but if we'd voted three to four days later it would have been 15-2, or maybe 14-3 in favor of playing. I hate even thinking about the whole mess because I find it personally very aggravating.

Well it's past midnight which means bedtime for me. I want to be at my best tomorrow so I'll need a solid eight hours. Good night.