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Daniel - Poker Journal

7:14 in the AM

14 Mar 2005

So much for getting the sleep schedule back in order for my trip to Toronto, I've long since given up on that. I woke up at 6:00pm after trying to stay up as long as possible the night before. In fact, I dozed off on the couch.

Tonight the house was full of people for the first time in a while. My mother dropped by for a little bit and then my buddy Tyson dropped by a little later.

Travis, my personal assistant also dropped by to help me with some random errands I needed to take care of before heading to Toronto.

Not too long after that Chris "The Web Guy" dropped by to pick up his "paycheck" for doing all the work on this site. The four of us watched the final episode of Tilt together and laughed the whole way through. No, nothing about the episode was "supposed" to be funny but somehow I found lots to laugh at.

Once the show was over I thought it would be the perfect time to play team skins on my Golden Tee. The Web Guy said he used to play a lot about seven years ago, but who knows what that means.

Tyson pretty much sucks having only played a few times, and Travis' driver wasn't working at all. For some bizarre reason he hadn't been able to make a full swing. Bizarre... very bizarre.

So we decided to make it Tyson and I against Travis and Web Guy. I know his name is Chris but I like Web Guy so much better? He looks more like "The Web Guy" than he does a Chris.

Well right off the bat Tyson and I knew we were in trouble. Web Guy looked like a total ringer hitting the ball like a pro. Tyson and I did have a strategy though, Tyson would play it safe and I would go for crazy shots trying to make eagles.

Through three holes each skin carried over. On number four, Tyson comes up huge and wins us four skins! Sweet. The next two holes are a push and then on number seven I hit the green in one on a par four. Everybody else either hits water or a bunker.

All I need to do it two put to win, which in Golden Tee is like a guarantee. Well I must have got a serious case of the yips as I did the unthinkable, a three putt!

The next hole we lose and it's all tied up. They win another skin and now we are down one and it's looking ugly. However we manage to keep it close, tying the next six holes. It would all come down to whoever won these crucial skins.

Then I hit the shot of the century. On a par five that's impossible to get on in two... I get on in two! The others laid up like you are supposed to, but I hit a banana that curled 250 yards and on the green. I drain the put for eagle and Tyson and I were $20 richer! I felt like the Leafs just won the Stanley Cup or I'd just won the main event of the WSOP.

Shortly after that everyone left and I was wide awake. So, I hopped online and got some much needed work done. Well I'm still working away but need to get packing soon as I have to be at the airport at noon.