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Not Much to Say

11 Mar 2005

There should be a blog entry about my elimination from the Shooting Stars event. There isn't. Why? I just didn't care I guess, I've had other things on my mind lately.

Even then I've had a few days at home here in Vegas but am finding that I can't get to sleep, but when I finally do get to sleep I can't get up. It's been a rough couple of days for me and that's pretty much why you haven't seen an entry in quite a while.

I'm struggling through some personal issues right now and tonight was a pretty serious blow for me as I heard some things I probably should have never heard. It was a rough night, but unfortunately I can't go into detail about what I'm talking about. No, I didn't play any poker, and no I didn't do anything stupid or destructive. I just think that the last few days have made me realize that my mental state isn't where it should be. I'm not as happy as I could be, but hey, nobody is happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm no different I guess.

As Iím writing this entry, I don't even know where to go next? Seriously, I just don't feel very witty right now, and altogether not too "gung ho" about things. That will pass, and when it does I'll be back to where I need to be. That much I'm certain of.

At the moment though I'm totally drained. I don't feel like doing anything productive and by procrastinating it just makes the burden heavier as more and more things pile up. People have been calling me for days and I haven't called them back. I just hate when I do that. I feel so rude and irresponsible.

When I wake up tomorrow there are probably about a million things I could get to, but most likely I'm going to wake up late and waste another day. Being on a sleep schedule like this just isn't healthy for me at all. Never has been and I don't think it ever will. I function best when I wake up at around 11:00am, but lately I've been waking up no earlier than 3:30pm.

I really have nothing more to say, hence the title of this entry, "Not Much to Say." Hopefully I'll be in better spirits tomorrow...