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Daniel - Poker Journal

A Lazy Day

06 Feb 2005

Last night I had dinner over at the Italian place at Rampart Casino with a friend who might be working for me real soon. After dinner we headed over to the Bellagio to meet with some old friends from Toronto.

The plan was to do 'something', whatever that means. When I got to the Bellagio I noticed an open seat in a 1500-3000 mixed game so I thought I'd kill some time and play my first session of live poker in 2005.

It was a good start to 2005 as I didn't lose a pot I took to the river and in about 45 minutes won $45,600. I didn't plan on playing very long anyway, but when I left I got the old, "Thanks for the action" remark from David Grey. David was obviously cracking on the fact that I hadn't been playing at all recently.

The plan was to head over to Pinkies to shoot some pool. There were five of us so I set up a round robin tournament where everyone would play each other once and the top four guys would advance to a playoff.

I went 3-1 in round robin play but lost to my buddy Sam in the semi-finals when I mistakenly sunk the black ball. Oops! After that, Sam and I took on Zvi and "Crazy" Joe. Zvi and Joe are a couple friends from back in my Toronto days.

Crazy Joe earned the nickname for obvious reasons, but wasn't trying to explain to me that he is a much calmer version of his old self. So, we gave him a new nickname "Average Joe!"

Sam and I should have destroyed Zvi and Average Joe but I played poorly and we broke about even. After that we decided to head over to Sam's house to play Mille.

For those of you who have never heard of Mille beware, it's the most addicting card game I've ever played. (At the bottom of the journal are the rules of the game)

I lost at pool to Zvi and was looking to get even against Joe at Mille. At 10:00am we doubled the stakes and I was lucky enough to lessen the damage. I ended up getting home at 10:30am and thought, "That was fun, but man did I just screw up my sleep schedule!."

Oh well, today I just slept for most of the day, played a little NHL 2K5 and finally watched a whole bunch of Tivo. I answered zero e-mails, and I answered zero phone calls.

Today was a day for me and my buddy Mushu to be as lazy as we could possibly be and I loved every minute of it!



The game is played with two decks, and each player (it's a two player game) gets 15 cards and the game is played to 1200. The idea is to get all of your cards out before the other guy, scoring points along the way. The only way to get your cards down is to have at least three of a kind, or a pair and a wild card (the 2). Each card is given a different point value:

A 2 is worth 20
3-9 is worth 5
10,J,Q,K worth 10
A is worth 15
Queen of spades is worth 100
Jack of diamonds is worth 50

All the points you have down count for you, but what remains in your hand counts against you. When it's your turn you can either take a fresh card from the deck, or take your opponents discard from the "pack". In order to pick up the pack you must have at least a pair of what's been thrown and then play it. You also MUST take all of the other cards in the pack.

There are special bonuses you can pick up along the way as well. One called a "chapeau" and the other called a "natural." A Chapeau is scored when you go out of a hand while your opponent has a negative score for that particular hand. For example, if you had 60 points down but 75 points in your hand you'd be chapeaud for 15 points.

The other bonus is a natural. There are two types of naturals. The most common version would be to go out without using a 2 as a wildcard. Your points would be doubled and you'd also score a bonus which are called "marks." The other natural comes when you get 8 of a kind. In that case you would double the points for the 8 of a kind and score a mark.

The betting works like this: let's say you were playing $1-$3 and the final score looked like this:

340 160
700 320 (chapeau- usually marked by circling the number)
1040 (natural- marked this way *) 500
1230 585

This would be a massacre and would be scored like this:

$3 for winning the game
$3 for a chapeau
$3 for a natural
$3 for a skunk (if your opponent doesn't get over the 600 point mark
$6 for each 100 points you win by called "ways". It is rounded off, so a spead of 455 points would count as $5.

So in total you would win $18 for the game.