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WPT Tunica Day 3 Update

26 Jan 2005

Ok, so as soon as I get off the plane in Tunica I pick up a cold. I get here and as usual have a difficult time finding food that works for me. The tournament starts and I see that the structure is simply terrible. I looked at it this way: A) I can sulk, continue to whine like a baby about things or, B) try to make the best of the situation.

If I chose A), I would have probably been on a flight home on day one. By choosing B) I find myself at the final table once again. I went through spurts of course whining, “The poker’s over. No more real poker it’s time to play move-in poker.” When I caught myself doing that I remembered, “Stop it Daniel, just grin and bear it and focus.’

The first thing I needed to focus on was a MAJOR adjustment to my style of play. What worked in other events, simply wouldn’t work here. I knew the correct adjustments I needed to make, but frankly this was the first super satellite I’ve played in over two years. I’m pretty rusty when it comes to “one move” pre-flop poker. If I saw Juanda on the rail somewhere I would have gladly let him take over!.

Just cause I’m not very good at that style of poker though, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try my best. So that’s what I did. I played three key coin flip hands calling an all in each time with a small pocket pair. I won with 2-2 vs. A-7, 5-5 vs. A-9, and finally 7-7 vs. Q-J. So that’s how Juanda does it, LOL.

In keeping with the spirit of not complaining, once the day’s play was over I head over to the Horseshoe to get some take out from the Chinese food restaurant which I knew had things for me… well, it was closed. Start throwing a temper tantrum now? Nope. Instead I spoke with a floor man and asked if I could get a plate from the buffer and take it with me to my room. He made the necessary arrangements and I had my first legitimate meal of the trip.

Some green beans, a small slice of veggie pizza, corn on the cob, a potato “thingy?”, tortellini, and some creamed spinach. I took the plate of the buffet and was so hungry that I was eating from the plate as I walked through the casino. That got me some strange looks as I picked at a green bean as I passed through the dice pit!.

By the time I got to my room pretty much all that was left was the creamed spinach. Eating that as I walked would have been way too gross! So now I’m alone in my room early, about 9:00pm here. I’m going to try to get to some important e-mails and phone calls and maybe read a little bit.

Something I neglected to mention was that I’ve been taking this vitamin that helps with focus during the tournament. Frankly, I didn’t think much of the idea when I was approached with it, but dude- it really works! I’ve been so steady, so calm, and energized. No late night brain aches, no stress, just total piece of mind and focus. So where can you get this “miracle vitamin?” Patience my friends… patience J

Last night I ended up watching Friday Night Lights as I watched Ray the previous night. If Jamie Foxx doesn’t win an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles It would be a mockery of the award. Wow. As for Friday Night Lights, it was your typical “feel good” sports movie, although it did have a twist at the end that was unique to any sports movie I’d seen before. Usually when you watch a movie like that you’re like, “OK so that quarterback is going to get hurt and the back up will become a star. The team will be down in the first half and the coach will motivate them with a “You gotta have heart!” speech. Last play of the game the unsung hero makes a heroic dive into the end zone as the home team wins and everybody is happy.

Tonight it’s either King Arthur or Shall We Dance, I haven’t decided… oh as for the tournament, the final six look like this:

Chau Giang 1,406,000
Scotty Nguyen 1,210,000
Daniel Negreanu 1,173,000
John Shl??#$?? 517,000
Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi 515,000
Raj ?? 330,000