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WPT Tunica Day One Update

24 Jan 2005

Today went pretty smoothly for me as I was never in any real jeopardy. I got an absolute gift in the first limit that went like this:

A young player in late position makes it 150 to go, the button calls and I call from the small blind with Q-4 of hearts and the big blind also calls. The flop comes down 7-4-4 with two spades. I check, the big blind checks and the original raiser bets 200. The button calls and I make it 500. The big blind folds and the first raiser says, “I’m all in.”

“Huh? Are you serious?” I thought to myself, “Do you really have pocket sevens?” I thought for a few seconds and finally asked him a question, “Do you play on the internet?”
“Yes, unfortunately I do.” he replied. I shot all my chips to the center after hearing that and doubled up against his 9-9.

Late in the evening I was really getting the sniffles pretty bad. I went through several boxes of tissues. Seems there is something going around and I caught it as well. In the last hour, as I was sneezing away I was up to about 34,000 when the following happened:

A an older gentleman with lots of chips limped in under the gun for 600. He was playing most any hand so that didn’t mean to much. Two to his left, a player who had cracked aces three times already on the day made it 3000 to go.

On the button I look down at … two aces! I make it 8000 to go and the old man throws a 5000 chip out there. He’d done this several times not realizing how much the bet was and then being forced to call the rest. I kinda felt sorry for him, but only for a little.

Then the “aces cracker” re-raised another 22,000. Well I had 26,525 total so I went ahead and went all in. Then the old man went into the tank! Was he really going to call such a huge raise? Well after what seemed like eternity he finally folded.

The “aces cracker” called of course and turned over QQ. He’d already busted Steve Zolotow’s AA with QQ, and also took care of them with 10-10 and 8-9 of spades. I’m not too superstitious or anything but man, after a while you start to wonder!

The flop came 8-9-J which gave him six outs. The turn was a lovely Ace cutting his outs down to four, and the river was a blank putting me in big chip territory.

With about 170 players left the average stack is about 30,000 so I’m assuming I’m in the top ten in chips if not top five. All that doesn’t matter much of course, I’m in good shape.

Unfortunately tomorrow is going to be an absolute joke. We were just playing 300-600 binds with a 75 ante. Tomorrow we start with blinds at 500-1000 with a 100 ante which will then be followed by 800-1600 blinds with a 200 ante.

Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by some of the slower structures we’ve been accustomed to recently, but the next two levels are going to really get the game out of the muck.

On a much brighter note I’ve been assured that the Harrah’s WSOP event is going to 90 minute levels, putting back the 25-50 level, AND going to four days! Myself and the players thank you. Below are some random chip counts I saw as I was leaving:

Erick Lindgren 95,000
Dan Hiemiler 85,100
Daniel Negreanu 77,400
Chau Giang 60,100
Victor Ramdin 60,000
Richard Brodie 55,300
Chris Ferguson 50,200
Chip Jett 45,600
Alan Goering 39,100
Jeff Shulman 35,000
Dave Ulliot 35,000
David Williams 24,600
Huck Seed 22,500
Tony Cousineau with what is better known as a “Cousineau stack” of 9,000