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What did I do this week?

22 Jan 2005

I feel like I wasted my time to some degree while I’ve been home. For the first time in probably a year I didn’t go online for three days. Of course now that I’m ready to get some work done my laptop isn’t working properly and my desktop seems to be a little off as well. I downloaded ad-aware which is supposed to help… we’ll see.

My brother’s been here this week helping out my mother in her new apartment. My mother doesn’t “live” in Vegas but she sure spends a lot of time here (which is cool). For years she’s stayed with me, but I think it was time for her to just get her own place since she is here so often.

I love my mother and all, but my house didn’t look like a ”bachelor pad” while she was here. Little knick-knacks everywhere… I mean seriously, she had one of those talking Billy Bass fishes on my wall! Yikes. So over the last couple months while she was gone I packed up most of her stuff and put it in a storage unit. She knew I was doing it of course, and to be honest the whole process felt great. I look around my house now and see naked walls… *sigh* it’s so beautiful!

My mother and I are very different in the way we organize things. She doesn’t really throw anything out… like ever! As for me, I don’t like having more than I need of anything. I’m not big on the idea that, “Well you never know when you are going to need 167 jars.” If I need a jar… I’ll buy one!

So Mommy seems happy in the new place and my house is pretty empty which suits me just fine. I have some “toys” on the way, a massage chair, Golden Tee 2005 Arcade Game, A pool table, etc. I will have my bachelor pad in due time.


A couple of those “announcements” I told you about are now ok for me to share with you. If you’ve been to the General forum you’d already know that I have been hired as the Poker Ambassador for Wynn Las Vegas which is set to open on April 28th, 2005. I’m very excited about the property. I was given a tour the other day and left thinking quite simply… “Wow”.

The other bit of news is equally exciting. I can’t wait till the summer when “STACKED, with Daniel Negreanu” is released for X-BOX and PS2. I’ve been privy to an inside look at the game and what it can do and still don’t believe it. The AI for this game will actually adjust to your play and look to exploit what it learns about you.
The graphics are even cooler.

While it’s a video game first, it also will serve as an instructional DVD to some degree as you’ll get tutorials from me as you progress through the game. The further you advance, the more advanced the tutorial. You can check out the General forum for links to some press releases that will provide you with more information.


So tonight I’m trying to catch up on e-mails and such. I’ll also need to pack a bag as I’m headed to Tunica tomorrow for the WPT event there. I feel good poker wise, but am a little disappointed in myself for being so lackadaisical this week. I really need to work harder if I’d like to make things easier in my life. I realize that doesn’t appear to make sense but it really does to me. Having things pile up just adds unnecessary stresses.

I’ll do the best that I can tonight of course my laptop being on the fritz isn’t helping much! Other than a few announcements and me wasting a lot of time “hanging out” I didn’t do anything too exciting really. Played some pool at Pinkies, had dinner with the family, hung out with some old friends… blah, blah, blah.


Two other important things to share: First of all kudos to Harrah's for fixing the structures for their upcoming WSOP Tour. It truly doesn't surprise me that they made this change since it genuinely appears that they do care about what the players want. Changing the events from three days to four days probably wasn't the easiet thing in the world to do logistically.

Secondly, I should clarify my position on the show TILT. I should make it clear that I did know the story involved cheating so seeing it wasn't a "shock" to me. I was a little dissapointed with the first episode because it was ALL about the cheating, but have been informed that the rest of the show's plot line WILL show poker in a better a light. As I said earlier, I'm willing to give it a chance.