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Daniel - Poker Journal


13 Jan 2005

My plan was to keep you all up to date with the tournament happenings and such, but the high speed didn't work in the rooms and then mine didn't work anywhere for that matter!

I was having trouble connecting to the network and wasn't about to go dial-up...no way. So anyway I played well for most of day one and thought that I'd end the day as one of the top five chip leaders.

Going into the last 40 minutes only one player from the first heat had more chips than I did at 44,000. It was smooth sailing all day long. Honestly, it was just ridiculously easy to get to 44,000.

That last 40 minutes though I finally got crushed losing several pots and ending the day with 24,725.

The next day I was hoping to make a move, but continued to slide down below 9000 without picking up an ante. My table broke and the move did me well, I was back up to 40,000 a few rounds later.

Nothing great happened for me after that though and I whittled down and anted my way into the money... sweet!!! 75th place paid $11,600, but I'd already committed to donating a portion of my winnings to the Tsunami relief fund.

Kudos to PokerStars as they were matching player donations, so my $2320 was doubled by them which I thought was very generous of them.


One thing about the tournament struck me as bizarre. A reporter from Maxim was there to do a story on the "young guns" or emerging stars if you will and decided to speak to Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, and myself.

As I was thinking about my interview with him later I looked around the table, "How old are you buddy?"
"Who me? I'm 18."
"And you over there, how old are you?"
"I'm 18 too."

What in the world is going on here??? I just turned 30 and now I'm the old fart at the table? I was thinking they should change the title of the Maxim peace to "aging veterans."

Since the legal gambling age in Bahamas is 18 there was a large contingent of "under aged" online qualifiers.

I also did another more in depth interview with a guy named Pat Jordan. I'll tell you what, I could have interviewed him and I think it would have made for a much better story! Very interesting guy and obviously a pro at what he does. Although he still uses an old rickety type writer and isn't online yet. Talk about old school!


The island was great and I'll be sharing some pictures from my trip pretty soon. I had an old, almost high school buddy there from Toronto as well as my fiancÚ Lori. It was a really fun time and I actually wished it lasted a few more days so I could really unwind.

The day we left was the day of the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Tournament. I saw Jordan playing blackjack in the casino with fellow ballers Charles Oakley and Ron Harper. They were roped off so you couldn't just go up there like, "Hey Mike, whazzup?"

Not wanting to be a "fan" I looked on briefly and then went on my way. Michael Jordan is someone I've always wanted to meet but not in an environment like that. Something tells me I'll get another chance.

One night we went to the Comedy Show and were surprised when Damon Wayans made a last minute surprise guest appearance. Damon was super funny, but I almost felt sorry for the headliner that he bumped, Kevin Jordan. He had the crowd busting a gut before he was told, "You got two minutes." Man, that's harsh.


So now it's back to reality. I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan changing my plans at the last minute as well. I'd planned on going straight to Atlantic City but thought I'd be better off spending my free time here.

Not sure how much "free time" I'll have though since my e-mail box is full to the brim and I have several important phone calls to make. Before writing this journal entry, I'd actually been answering e-mails for the last four hours. I'm getting sleepy now, but tomorrow I have a full slate scheduled: spend about 10 more hours answering phone calls and e-mails... More and more I feel justified in hiring a personal assistant. It doesn't seem so wasteful when I realize how much easier my life will be once I get a little help.