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Keeping Busy

04 Jan 2005

I used to wonder why rich tycoons did what they did? I mean, why would a guy with 60 million dollars still bother buying and selling companies, or even work at all for that matter?

Then I realized that some people are happier when they keep busy. That, and if you enjoy what you do money isn't going to be your motivation. With poker I used to ask myself that same question. Why do guys like Doyle, Chip and the like work so hard? I'm assuming because they love it, but also because it keeps them busy.

Well lately I've been really busy running around town and it's energized me. I too like "being busy" I guess. This morning I did a radio interview with Mark Lemke and "Disco Inferno" from the WCW, then I head out to a business meeting.

On the way there, about a 25 minute drive I was able to squeeze in 10 important phone calls. The meeting went well, and the post meeting went even better than that. Over the next week or so I'll be sharing a very exciting announcement with you all.

Anyway, so after that meeting I drove over to the Lakeside Spa for a massage. Playing video games and using a lap top in bed isn't all that great for your back. On the way there I took care of several other loose ends on the phone as well. "Hello? Hey, how's it going. Hey listen can I call you right back I have an important call on the other line."

"Hello... oh right, right we can get that done. E-mail me and I'll get to it when I get a chance... sorry to cut you off I have a call... hello? Just a second let me get rid of this other call. Hello, let me call you back in 15 minutes ok?"

I felt like a chicken running around with his head cut off but you know what? I liked it. I felt like I was getting things done, things I'd have to get to eventually anyway. When I'm in a rut I'll let the phone ring all day and not answer. The next day I feel guilty for being such a procrastinator as I call everyone back.

Once I was done with the massage it was time to head down to the Travel Agent and book some flights, "Ok I need to be in the Bahamas on the 5th, and then on the 12th to Atlantic City. On the 19th from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, and then on the 23rd from Las Vegas to Memphis... did you get all that?"


I was at the Fashion Show Mall and noticed a computer game store and decided to take a look. Someone either e-mailed me or posted in the forum something to the effect of, "Why are all of your games 2003?" So on that note I was like, "Good Point" and decided to treat myself to some newer games:

Pac Man World 2
Spiderman 2
Halo 2
Madden 2005
NBA Live 2005

Of course now that I'm heading to Bahamas I don't know when I'll get a chance to play them. One thing I neglected to mention about last night... I emptied out my e-mail boxes, how liberating! Of course when I got home this evening they were both full again...

I actually stopped off at the Bellagio hoping to play some poker, but the game was full with two on the list. So I called up Jeff Shulman and decided to use the free time to do my interview with him for the next Card Player cover.

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then head over to my place to conduct the interview.

All told I did more in the last two days than I did in the last two weeks! And guess what? It felt great to get out of the house. Oh, oh, oh I forgot to mention some of the other things I did last night.

Not only did I get caught up with e-mails but I cleaned up my Tivo and actually studied some poker footage in preparation for the Bahamas event. I can't tell you who, but after watching him on TV... wow, let's just say he better not try to bluff me! I picked up the tell of the century on a player who is a regular on the circuit.

Oh, oh oh... I also cleaned out my computer desk that had random papers piling up everywhere. When I get in one of those moods, I just go nuts with it. Six days of relaxation followed by a frenzy of "Mr. Motivation" going nuts!

So whatís on the slate for tomorrow you ask? Well, At 2:00pm I need to head over to a sound studio to do a voice over for yet another Ultimate Poker Challenge show, and then from there I need to get a haircut for my trip to the Bahamas.

Along with that I have countless phone calls to make, some important e-mails to reply to, and then finally Iíll actually have to pack a bag- my flight leaves Vegas at 11:25pm tomorrow night. Take care all, Iíve got work to do!