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I'm not a fan Of New Year's

02 Jan 2005

When I first moved to Vegas I thought being on the strip for New Year's Eve would be the "coolest thing ever." Then I did it and vowed to NEVER do it again! It's insane. Way too packed, can't really go anywhere. With my lifestyle I could enjoy a New Year's Eve party on any day of the year so why choose the day that everybody else chooses?

The other thing that always used to get on my nerves is the fact that on this day, and only on this day do people actually acknowledge each other. "Happy New Year buddy." "Happy New Year to you to." In an elevator people are engaging, at a club, a party, what have you. Then the next day it's back to ignoring everyone and going about our daily lives. It's just so phony to me.

Jennifer Harman and her husband Marco invited me to a VIP party at the Bellagio.. that one broke rule one: "No going to the strip." E-DOG and Josh were going to party in Atlanta which sounded like it might be fun but I just couldn't make it out there.

My mother asked me to go to some Romanian party but the last time I did that it was a really bad idea. I'm a vegetarian, and every dish on the menu had an overload of meat in it. Dude, even the bread was filled with pork! I ate a tomato... a tomato! Also the wine was gross. Romanians don't drink their wine straight, they add club soda to it and make it a spritzer- apparently that masks the fact that you are drinking really cheap wine!

The beer wasn't any better. A warm keg full of flat beer. The music? Oh my, that's what finally did me in. Some lady dressed in traditional clothing screeching at the top of her lungs with a sound system so bad it wouldn't be fit for a kindergarten class. Nope, wasn't going through that again, no thanks.

So finally I decided that I was just going to rough it alone on the couch, just me and my best friend Mushu. I spent most of the day watching the second season of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, I just LOVE those shows. Punk'd, Boiling Points... I'm a fan of the whole practical joke genre. The DVD set for the second season had tons of jokes and a good amount of extras. I highly recommend it.

Later my friend Tyson called to let me know that he wasn't doin' nuttin' either. So at about 11:30pm I met him over at the PT's Pub to shoot some pool with him, and two friends from Toronto, "Ice Cream" Mike and Marcello.

Marcello is kind of a sick gambler. We were playing for $50 a man but by the second game I was up $1000! LOL. Silly boy betting prop bets with me? LOL tongue

I ended up making about $2500 on the night, feeling sorry for my boy Marcello. I cut him a break, or he was going to lose $10,000 for sure. he gave me the puppy dog eyes and I just couldn't bring myself to take him off! I think he still thinks he was "unlucky!"

So that was my New Year's. As the clock struck midnight I was pocketing the six ball in the corner pocket...