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23 Dec 2004

I woke up with the same agenda once again, tackling some e-mails. Iím getting closer and closer to being done, but after answering so many Iím pretty bored with it. I have lots of other things to catch up on but it all seems so overwhelming at this point. I have bills to pay, phone calls to return, Christmas shopping to do, and all sorts of other random household things.

So what have I been doing all day? Well I woke upÖ kind of. I went from the bed to the couch and then ended up playing NBA 2K3 for a while. For some reason right now I lack the energy to do anything productive. I donít know where it all comes from but it is a common cycle that I often find myself in. For the last two nights Iíve head into the Bellagio to play poker. Last night the game looked like:

Seat One: Chip Reese
Seat Two: Gus Hansen
Seat Three: Me
Seat Four: Lyle Berman
Seat Five: Jeff Lisandro
Seat Six: Chau Giang
Seat Seven: Phil Ivey
Seat Eight: Doyle Brunson

Ming Ly gave me his seat and came back a little later when Doyle quit. The night was extremely uneventful for me. I played every hand of Stud H/L but didnít get many hands worth playing in the other games. The most I was stuck was probably about $130,000 and the most I was up was probably about the same. I desperately wanted to get in on the action, but I was totally card dead. At about 4:30 am I was falling asleep at the table and decided to quit $49,000 winner.

So over the last two night of playing $4000-8000 Iíve won a grand total of $56,000 over about 11 hours. While thatís a considerable amount of money itís basically breaking even at those limits. Tonight I donít think Iím going to head in. My back is so sore from doing absolutely nothing! Iíve been spending too much time either in bed, on the couch, or sitting at a chair at the Bellagio.

So whatís on the agenda tonight? Good question. I feel like doing ďsomethingĒ, not something productive mind you, more something fun. I have nothing on Tivo worth watching, and my brain is too fried to play video games.

I was supposed to hook up with my buddy E-DOG last nightÖ hey maybe thatís an idea. Iíll give Erick a call and see if we canít find a way to get in some trouble tonight.