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Daniel - Poker Journal

Operation Destroy Juanda: Day 3

03 Dec 2004

One thing I forgot to mention in my last journal entry was yet another trick Juanda tried to pull on me. At about 1:00pm one hour into the Stud tournament the cocktail waitress comes over to my table and asks, "Is there a Daniel Negreanu at this table?"

So I was like, "That's me." She proceeds to come towards me and I notice a Corona with a lime on her tray that she was pulling off. "The gentleman over there bought you a drink."

So who do you think she pointed to? John Juanda of course! I couldn't stop laughing, that was just too funny. I decided to have a few sips of the corona hoping it would be lucky, but as you already know I came 11th.

I have a plan for how to get him back on that one which I will reveal soon. As for day 3, it was limit hold'em so I had absolutely no worries. That's far from John's best game and it's definitely one of my best games.

John however kept hanging around, hanging around, nursing a short stack while I was up over 10,000 once again. At 7:00pm they finally got me, and what do you know Juanda was still in there with about 16,000.

I still don't know if he actualy made the final table. When I got knocked out there were about 50 players remaining so I won't find out until I get to the Bellagio whether or not John got any points. If he does happen to win the limit hold'em tournament, the 504 points he'd earn would be enough to take the lead.

On day 4 we are looking at Omaha H/L, a game that I haven't played much of recently but am very confident. Over a year and a half span I won six Omaha H/L events. It's been a while since that rush but I'm hoping to put in a solid effort and hopefully strengthen my lead if I still have one!