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A little 7 Card Stud

02 Dec 2004

I don't know what it was but I was really ancy this morning. I just couldn't sit still. The night before I got no sleep, but last night I slept from 7:00pm till 10:00am. That's a grand total of 15 hours for those counting.

I met with a writer for Toronto Life magazine at about 11:45am. He is out in Vegas doing a profile on me for the magazine so he will be here for a few days to "soak it all in".

I found it funny that before we started on the day he asked me if there were any friends of mine he should talk to for background information. I mentioned Allen Cunningham and Erick Lindgren.

Well, he didn't have to wait long to meet either of them as Allen was seated directly to my left and Erick was seated two seats to my right!

The first few hours I couldn't sit still. I read Card Player.. I played with my Treo 600... I checked my calendar... set my schedule for 2005... anything to avoid paying attention! I was flat out bored, what can I say.

Mean while I was hanging tough and a few hours in I was freerolling once again as Juanda head for the rail.

At about 6:00pm I really started to make a move and was up near the chipleaders. With two tables to go I took some tough beats though, and Juanda could finally breath a sigh of relief as I finished 11th. No points... no money. Oh well, I may have made a few small boo boo's but overall I played pretty well once I actually started paying attention.

So tomorrow is limit hold'em. John just may be the worst limit hold'em player I've ever seen! LOL. Seriously, if you have to cross book John in any game it better be limit hold'em or Omaha H/L.


It's 1:09am right now and I'm afraid I'll have to cut this journal short. It took me over an hour to get home from the Bellagio due to construction and I am way behind on some important e-mails. I'm really starting to feel like a personal assistant is an absolute must.

Anyways, good night all the fight continues again tomorrow...

*** Remember if you want to hear John's side of the story check out his blog at www.johnjuanda.com.***