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In an Airport... again

10 Nov 2004

So I am out ot the PPT event. I tried my best, and played well but things just didn't go right for me. There was one pretty interesting hand I'd like to share:

Jennifer Harman, the best female poker player in the world and one of my best friends raised from early position to 150. I called with A-3 of hearts as did two others behind me. The flop came 4-5-6 with two spades. Jennifer checked and since this is a pretty scary flop I decided to try to pick it up right here- I bet 400. Both Mellissa Hayden and Amir Vahedi folded and Jennifer called.

The turn came a 6 which was a great card for my hand. Now even if Jenn did have an over pair she probably wouldn't call me. I bet 1400 and she called. At that point I'd pretty much given up on the bluff. There was one card I was looking for, the 3 of spades. If that card hits there is no way she'd be able to call a bet with QQ or even A-6! So guess what hit? You guessed it, the 3 of spades. She checked and I bet 2500. She studied for a bit and finally said, "I don't know what to do here." When she said that I knew I was dead. "I'm pretty sure I have the best hand, I call."

"You do" I replied when she turned over the 6-3 of diamonds. She played the hand great as it turned out. Some of you may wonder why she wouldn't raise in that spot, but think about it, what am I going to call her with? I couldn't even call her with an ace high flush in that spot. The only hands I would have called her with were hands that had her beat, 6-5 or 6-4. It was a good check call on her part.

But enough about poker, I'm in an airport again. I was supposed to go to Toronto on the 11th to shoot a cameo in the new draw called "Tilt" on ESPN. Since I had some other media related things to do in Toronto I figured I'd come a day early rather than wait around for an extra day.

On the schedule for today is likely another appearance on the Fan 590 round table tonight. After that, I'm off to have dinner with the producers of Tilit, as well as, Michael Madsen and the rest of the cast for the show. It should be fun. TJ Cloutier will also appear in the premiere episode, and he is scheduled to arrive in Toronto tomorrow.

So that's what's on the horizon right now. Whan that's all said and done, I'm back to Foxwoods on the 12th just in time to get focused on what will likely be the biggest WPT prize pool yet. Can't wait!