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04 Nov 2004

I'd been pretty good about getting things done around the house lately so I thought I'd venture out the Bellagio and put in a few hours. Of course when I got there the game was full with a list as usual.

Gus and Ming were ahead of me on the list so I asked them to start a must move three handed but Gus said he wasn't going to stay long.

So, I head to dinner at Fix with a couple friends and waited for my seat to open. Just as I was finishing dinner I saw Rene (Celine Dion's husband) walking out of the poker room. I asked him if he was done and he said that he was so I had my seat finally at about 10:30pm.

The game was $1500-$3000 Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, and 2-7 triple draw. In other words, exactly what I was looking to play.

The very first hand I played in Stud Hi-Lo I lost a huge pot making A-3-4-7-7-8-8. Eight's up and a low went down to Aces Up and a seven low. Yikes, that one had me down $22,000 before I took my jacket off!

The game was pretty good. The only people in it that you may have heard of were Lee Salem, Jennifer Harman, Chau Giang, and Gus Hansen. There weren't too many "TV Players" in the game as tournament players are so often mockingly referred to in the big game.

It should be no secret to you all by now, but I've said before and I'll say again that the typical tournament "stars' you see on tv are either broke or being staked and couldn't hack it with the "real players" in the big games.

As for me I wasn't all that sharp. I got off to a late start, had a glass of wine and a bailey's coffee with dinner and felt a little sluggish. I wasn't playing terrible but I did feel a little bit more anxious then patient.

Within about an hour and a half I hadn't really won a "real" pot and was down $100,000. Then the game got short handed and I always prefer short handed play especially with the group I was playing with:

Abe Mosseri from New York, Chau Giang as tough as nails, and another player known simply as "Tight Jim" for obvious reasons.

Four handed I made a horrendously bad call in Omaha Hi-Lo that changed my night. I called a raise in the big blind with 2h-3h-6-8. The flop came down 10h-8d-5h giving me a bad flush draw and a bad low draw, lol.

I bet of course, Tight Jim called, then Abe raised and Chau called. The turn came a 9s and I checked as did Tight Jim. Abe bet out and Chau raised.

Now I put both Abe and Chau on the nuts straight and I felt like Tight Jim probably had a better flush draw then me. I didn't think it was the nut draw though so if I called I figured he would muck for two bets cold.

Plus I had a bad low draw and was stuck! crying The river was the Qh and I fired out like a rock star. Abe called and Chau smartly folded his nuts straight. "I have a flush???" totally hoping he nods his head like, "Yeah that's good." He did exactly that.

So that sizeable pot got me within $20,000 of being even. When my six hours were up the total damage was $23,300, which in that game is a lot like breaking even I guess.

That was bizarre writing about poker? Kinda fun though, who knows maybe I'll head in again tonight...

7 hours