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Mommy's comin' to visit

03 Nov 2004

Today was a good one as I got a whole bunch of stuff done. No, I didn't play any poker as usual but I did get a lot done around the house. My mother is coming for a visit tomorrow with my aunt from Italy who has never been to Vegas. My aunt is a pretty cool lady and I really look forward to spoiling her around town while she's here.

Now before I go any further I want to make one thing clear- I love my mother. Having said that, she is a junk collector! It absolutely drives me nuts. She has all these nick-nacks and a whole bunch of stuff she never uses stored here and there. "Oh maybe I'm gonna use that one day."

Moms, if you REALLY need an old pickle jar I can pick one up for you, I got it like that. Seriously, I hate clutter and I live by the motto of "have what you need and no more".

So I got a storage unit and took a whole bunch of her stuff out of my house. There was no delicate way to do this really, my mother is very emotional and overly sensitive about stuff like that. Who knows, maybe subconsciously she feels that by getting rid of her stuff she is no longer welcome here.

That's not true. It's just that I don't need seven wooden spoons, a talking Bass fish on my wall, fake flowers in every corner of the room, etc. I've always wanted a "bachelor pad" and with a marriage on the horizon I'm running out of time.

My boy Erick Lindgren, now HE has the bomb bachelor pad. Seven plasma screens in his living rooom, a pool table for a dining room table, a soccer table, arcade games, a basketball court and the icing on the cake: a portrait of Kramer hanging in his living room. I mean, how cool is that?

The house I live in right now isn't big enough for all of the toys I'd like to have. The fact that my mother did a lot of the decorating here didn't help as far as room is concerned.

I can't explain it really but I just love the way the house is starting to look. Basically, empty white walls and no nick nacks anywhere! I know, I know, what a horrible son right? Gimme a break man, I take good care of my mother but I had to put a stop to all the excess junk she leaves here. The next step is trying to break her of this annoying habit she has: when she makes me something to eat and I put the fork to my mouth... she blows on my food!!! Oh my head, that's too much man. I'm 30 freakin' years old for goodness sake! I can't have moms blowiing on my food.

Anyway, maybe one of these days I'll actually add "something" poker related to my blog...