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Back in Action!

31 Oct 2004

My energy boost finally kicked in and I got some things done today. I had no idea it was daylight savings time and accidently got my day started an hour early.

I was supposed to be down at the Plaza at 10:15am this morning and got there at 9:00am. The first thing that went through my mind? "What in the world did they need me here so early for if no one else is here?" Luckily I brought the newspaper so I could follow up on the election, looks like my guy is going to lose, but who knows. Once everybody showed up I got through make up, three changes of clothes, and three wrap arounds for three different shows.

Chad Brown (the host of the UPC) and I whipped through our set and I was back by 1:00pm. Just in time to sweat my fantasy football scores from the first games and realize that Randy Moss didn't catch a ball. Arrghhh! Injuries are killing me.

After that I cleaned up the place a bit and headed to the supermarket to get some "goodies" for the kids tonight. I always buy way too much stuff. I just remember when I was a kid how much I hated those orange and black Halloween candies that I could only assume people recycled every year.

I always get the good stuff:

-an assortment of potato chips
-Reeses Pieces
-Kit Kat Bars
-Milky Ways

When kids come by the house its usually a handful of each. It's sad to me that not as many kids trick or treat on Halloween, that was always a day I anticipated as a kid.

So it's about 5:00pm now and I'm awaiting the rush of kids. I finally bought one of those fog machines to add some atmosphere...we'll see if I can get that to work. I'm not exactly "handy". My idea of fixing things is calling 1-800 Handyman.

The plan later is to head to the Rio where apparantly Boy George is DJing. Boy George? That's exactly what I said! Who knew the guy is now apparantly a top DJ, and I used to think he was just your average weirdo.

Well, it looks like it's time to set up the fog machine and wait on the little rascals...